Trebianel Vendrisanto

Trebianel Vendrisanto


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Alcoholic content: 11%

Typology: white

Grapes: Trebianel 100%

Soil: double clayey-calcareous pergola, north - north east exposure, 226m above sea level

The grapes are harvested by hand, only in the morning, and pressed whole, without mechanical pressing steps. A part of the juice obtained is frozen in the freezer, while the rest ferments at a controlled temperature. After the winter rest on its fine lees, in spring the wine is prepared for bottling, without filtration and further additions of sulfur. With the addition of its own thawed juice, refermentation takes place in the bottle, which generates carbon dioxide and the deposition of yeasts on the bottom of the bottle, typical of this sparkling wine. The bottles then remain in the dark for 4 months before release.

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