Olio d'oliva extra Vergine del Garda

Olio d'oliva extra Vergine del Garda


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Blend of national and indigenous varieties.

Medium / light fruity,

delicate and fresh,

of great usability and elegance

The olives from which the ExtraVirgin of "Lisa" is extracted come from the olive trees grown in the garden of the house in Albisano, few trees but a lot of passion. The olive harvest is carried out at the beginning of veraison, when the fruit reaches the maximum concentration of the elements that determine the sensory characteristics and nutritional qualities of the oil.

The grinding of the olives, and the extraction of the oil is carried out at the Az. Agr. of our friends the Giogo within a few hours of harvesting, without contamination of the product with the external environment and at a temperature kept below 25 ° C during all stages of the manufacturing process, to preserve and defend those precious chemical-physical characteristics that confer to extra virgin olive oil its nutritional and healthy qualities.

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